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Why we are?

We have been asked a lot of times: “Why should the clients choose Leyton Suisse for wealth management?”

Some customers are considering investing thru Switzerland as an element of prestige — then it is important for them to have a global brand, which they will show off in front of their friends and acquaintances without taking into account some inconveniences that this kind of cooperation may cause:

— Large investment companies have large requirements for the client’s initial capital: no less than 1 million francs with the prospect of a rapid investment amount increase.

— Large investment companies and banks are slower and it is sometimes very difficult for the customers to contact a portfolio manager promptly.

— These brands are primarily interested in selling their products, their bonds and shares.

— It is impossible to understand why you are offered to form an investment portfolio out of these securities; nobody provides any analysis of their price for a long period of time; there are no regular reports on changes in the price of securities; there is no efficient advising on buying / selling.

— Large commissions for all the activities.

— Getting started and customers’ identification take a lot of time because of the internal bureaucracy/FATCA/GwG and other time eaters (by the way, our compliance also hard but more quickly).

Leyton Suisse solves all these problems:

— You can contact your manager or trader on the phone almost 24 hours a day, the response for all the clients’ requests usually comes no longer than in an hour (except the applications for transaction, which are executed almost instantly).

— We have a relatively small amount of initial investment comparatively with the competitors.

— We provide the clear structure of costs intended for the investment account maintenance.

— High compliance which is reached due to the good knowledge of local markets and regular visits of our employees to customer’s countries; we can conduct the verification and validation of the information provided in a short time due FATCA/FINMA/GwG requirements.

— We are interested in the success of the investments, as well as our remuneration depends on the amount of income received by you: you get reports on the state of your portfolio, and securities; you have got the support of this or that paper’s inclusion into the portfolio; you regularly receive information containing useful recommendations.

— The investment accounts are opened in the name of the client and thus there are no associated risks of funds losses and theft.

— Leyton Suisse is allowed to work as an intermediary in the financial markets due membership at of VQF — Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO), officially recognised by the Federal Financial Market Supervisory
Authority (FINMA) and Organisation for independent Asset Managers (BOVV) under Nr. 100159

— The liability of the Company is insured for a total of 1 million Swiss francs.

That is how we see the successful model of work and that is why more and more customers trust us. We invite you to become one of them!