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Our history

In 2010 we, our partners and friends thought about the fact that the money received as a result of some professional activity, were trivially deposited at a bank. At the moment, as you know, bank deposits do not even cover the inflation costs, not to mention getting any profit. 
In Swiss Confederation they even have set a negative rate.

Having realized that we needed to invest in other assets, we could not bear the thought that all investmentson the stock exchange may be impaired in a single day because of the regular problems in the economy.

After some consultation, we decided to invest in assets with low risks such as corporate and government-guaranteed bonds, stocks with low volatility, gold, real estate and small-scale projects that would generate us at least 8-10% per annum.

All the investments (except gold, which has fallen in price, but has not gone away and is still in the repository) brought us profit.

For creating new investment projects we involved friends, colleagues and clients from our other businesses, and in 2013 we registered a separate management company.

Leyton Suisse AG Company was registered in order to minimize the administrative costs and to ensure the possibility of providing our clients with legal funds and property management services In 2014, while skiing, we decided that we were able to offer our services to everyone and make a full-fledged business.

In Switzerland, such services are regulated by FINMA and require special licensing procedure, resulting in intermediaries’ ability of managing the client funds in the financial markets.
Besides, our activities are governed by the law on money laundering and the financing of internationalterrorism.

We adhere to all the requirements of the regulator, carry out all the necessary procedures with our customers and always offer excellent services.

You can get acquainted with our team, documents and resolutions of the company as well as to contact us for getting an individual offer on investing your money.